“It is so very important to acknowledge and celebrate the meaning of major events in our lives with ritual. It’s wonderful that the Universal Worship offers us a set of spiritual tools to use for just that purpose. We are so grateful to be able to perform these rituals with people in their homes, families and communities.” Sufia

When you wish to mark your life’s passages, to celebrate or to mourn, it can seem difficult to find an understanding service which is spiritual, not bound by any particular religion or belief, yet includes them all.

The Universal Worship offers a simple atmosphere of love, harmony and beauty through an established and powerful spiritual ritual.

  • Blessing your new home
  • Welcoming your new baby
  • Celebrating your marriage
  • Marking a loved one’s passing

Flying Heart

Saying Farewell

A ritual is offered for both memorial and funeral services, and it is an uplifting and meaningful acknowledgement of the passing of the soul. Here the emphasis is on freeing the departing soul from the bonds of the earth, on the journey to the experience of union with the Beloved. This intensely spiritual ritual is also specifically designed to convey blessings and give comfort and understanding to those who love the person who has passed on.

It can be performed in the home, in a funeral chapel, or in any place that has special meaning for the family, such as a garden or park.


Flying Heart

Blessings for Your Wedding, and Your Commitment Together

Bring the positive vibrations of Love, Harmony and Beauty into your new life.

A wedding ceremony is not only an opportunity for the community and family to offer their support and good wishes for a new couple, but it also opens the space for the blessings from the divine realms to enter a couple’s new life together. This ceremony is specifically designed to convey these spiritual blessings. Many people wish to celebrate a wedding spiritually, without attachment to one particular religious form or dogma. This spiritual wedding ceremony conveys the uplifting vibrations of love, harmony and beauty, and sanctifies your vows of commitment to one another.

Performed either in your own home, or in another place of your choice, this ritual shares your joy and happiness with your family and friends. Your vows can be personally created, or you can exchange the vows that have been established in the Universal Worship.

As this is a spiritual ceremony only, it is not legally binding. The service must be performed in combination with a marriage commissioner, to ensure that it is legally registered.

Flying Heart

Welcome your New Baby

Bring the positive vibrations of Love, Harmony and Beauty into your family.

Share the light of the spirit with a joyful Baby Blessing Ritual. This ceremony is specifically designed to spiritually welcome your new infant. Many people wish to welcome an infant into the spiritual life without attachment to one particular religious form or belief. The Baby Blessing Ritual welcomes your infant with the uplifting vibrations of love, harmony and beauty.

Normally performed in your own home, this ritual creates joy and happiness in your family and friends. It offers a beautiful structure in which to welcome your new child into this world.


Flying Heart

Purify Your Home

Bring the positive vibrations of love, harmony and beauty into your life with a ceremony specifically designed to remove past influences and to purify your home with uplifting vibrations. The ritual is without attachment to any particular religious form or belief, while recognizing the light in all world religions.

Usually performed at the beginning of a housewarming party, the house blessing is an event in itself. Invite your guests to participate as the cherag leads a procession throughout all the rooms of your new home, in a ritual specifically designed to establish a positive atmosphere of good health, prosperity, harmony and peace.




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  1. This is a very interesting enhancement or alternative to traditional religious services. Thanks for the great information

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